Christmas travel tips for students

Posted on 7th November 2023

Planning to head home for the Christmas holidays? Find out how you can save money and stress with our quick guide. 

Set up an alert for cheap train tickets

Did you know that the average uni student lives at least 91 minutes away from home? So the trip back for the Christmas holidays involves booking some form or public transport for most students. And this isn’t cheap!

There are, however ways you can make the trip home for the holidays cheaper, especially if you plan it in advance. Were you aware, for example, that Trainline have a ticket alert system? Just sign up with your journey details and you’ll get an email as soon as the cheap advance tickets come on sale. 

National Rail shows you the furthest future dates you can book tickets for, for every train firm. And you can check out National Express' Christmas services here. Don't forget to use your student travel cards if you have them when booking. 

Leave your accommodation ready for your return

Going home for the festive season is exciting… returning to university on a cold, grey January day ready for a new term not so much! So make sure you leave your accommodation in a welcoming state for your return. 

That means clearing any perishable food from your fridge, and ensuring the washing up is done. Mould isn’t the nicest welcome back gift! Empty your bins too, and take down any Christmas decorations. 

Before you leave, put clean sheets on your bed and give your room a quick tidy as well. It shouldn’t take long now, but you’ll be very grateful that you’ve done it when you come back. 

Turn everything you can off before you leave

We don’t need to tell you that utilities are expensive these days, especially if your bills are extra to your rent. So do yourself a favour and turn as many devices/plugs off before you go. And don’t forget to turn off the heating and hot water too. You don’t want to be paying for power you’re not getting the benefit of. 

Don’t advertise to burglars

Sadly, empty student houses are prime targets for burglaries, especially during the Christmas holidays when thieves know you’re not likely to be there. 

Don’t make it easier for potential thieves by advertising the fact your home is empty on social media. The fewer people who know there’s no one home, the better. 

The easiest way to keep your valuables safe is not to leave them in an empty property, so take anything that is expensive or has sentimental value with you if you don’t want to lose them.

Get our help to make Christmas travel easier

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for traveling on public transport media, and navigating crowded buses and trains - especially if you need to change at any point - isn’t fun. 

That’s where we come in. Rather than lug everything you want to take home with you - clothes, gifts, valuables, laptops, study books - you can book a collection with us and we’ll drop your belongings anywhere in the UK for you the next working day. 

And to make sure your valuables are safe, we also give you £250 of insurance per box free. 

So all you need to do is take a day pack with what you need for the journey. Trust us, it’s the smartest, most stress-free way of traveling home for the holidays. (Remember to book a collection after Christmas for your return to uni too!)

Have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Follow our tips and ensure your travel home is smooth, and enjoy the holidays without worry.